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Freedom Weekend Continues

More traveling around town today doing fun things. Becky had to work unfortunately, but the rest of us ended up sleeping in, and then Brad, Steve and I went Back to Red’s at around noon for some target practice. Then they wanted to look for boots, so we went down to Congress for boot shopping. […]

3rd & 4th of July

Yesterday was a busy day. Work was crazy. A case that we’ve been working on since the first day I started, and have been pretty much working on constantly the entire time I’ve been there, settled. It was pretty intense for a while. I can’t really say much about it, but it was eventful. At […]

CHL Course

Today was the day for the concealed handgun license course. We left bright and early and arrived about an hour before the doors opened. After leaving for breakfast and killing time for a while, we still had to wait, but all was good once the doors opened. We got signed in and the instructor explained […]

Weekend roadtrip to B/CS & Brenham, TX

Last Friday, we were having dinner with Brad & Mandy and kind of on a whim we decided to take a roadtrip to our old stompin’ grounds…College Station, TX. Brad & Mandy & I all went to Texas A&M there and I’ve been telling Becky pretty much forever that “one of these days” we’d drive […]

Red's Indoor Range

Over the course of some interesting discussions this week, one thing lead to another and by Friday evening, Brad, Mandy and I (Becky, unfortunately, had to work late) ended up at Red’s Indoor Range in Oak Hill to test some guns that Brad had been researching. The employees at Red’s were extremely friendly and helpful. […]