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Jeff Bagwell

I met Jeff Bagwell today. Kind of a big thing for me. He, Craig Biggio, and Ken Caminiti were my favorite Astros when I was growing up. They made up the core of the infield for many years, with Biggio behind the plate initially, and then at second base. After Caminiti passed away a few […]

Resolutions 2009

I read a while back that if you are going to set goals or make resolutions, you should write them down, and not just have them floating around in your head. If you actually commit them to paper (or I guess the internet), you’ll be more likely to go back and look at them and […]

New Year's Eve 2008!

We spent New Year’s Eve 2008 running around with the Graebers. First, Becky had to work, so I went with Brad & Mandy down to First Night Austin to see a 15 minute presentation of Hamlet under a bridge. It was pretty crazy…lots of fun! The encore was an under 2 minute performance, and the […]

Kitty Christmas 2008

Becky saw a photo on one of the websites she reads yesterday of some poor cats having their picture taken with Santa. Of course, when she showed it to me, I thought it sounded like a fantastic thing to do with our precious little monsters! She looked up the PetsMart website and today was the […]

Is Christmas here yet?

Big Kitty is waiting impatiently for Santa to arrive. He keeps crawling under the tree, through all of the presents, and pops out the other side to peek out the window: Not too many days of waiting left, buddy! Ho ho ho!

1st Snow

I guess winter is officially here: It was about 80 degrees around noon today and tonight it snows…crazy Texas winter.

Jennifer Gale Tweets

Jennifer Gale. How to explain that one to someone who doesn’t live in Austin. Trying some internet searches to find a good explanation, I guess his/her Wikipedia entry does as good a job as any. Here’s the intro, click the link for the full details:

Jennifer Gale is a transgender perennial political candidate in Texas. […]

David Mack: The Alchemy – pt. 1

Just got back from the gallery opening and talk for David Mack‘s The Alchemy exhibition at St. Edward’s University. I had a great time…David is a great speaker and really explains the process behind his work well. The audience was very involved and asked lots of questions. I had a chance to chat with David […]

Mabry & Mack

Events of the day, but first a random image that I forgot to post a few weeks back: Someone’s room service from the Hyatt Regency Houston when we stayed there. Not really sure why I took that photo, but something told me that I should, so there you go.

Today, I dropped Nathan off to […]

2008 Vacation – Day 1 (Airport Hell!)

I really don’t feel like going into all of the details about yesterday. You can check out Becky’s blog for that. I think she wrote up a nice review of what we dealt with. Or you can check out a few brief tweets over there at the top of the right hand column where my […]