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Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day 3

Saturday was a lot of running around, seeing as much as possible that I have been missing and standing in lines that I probably shouldn’t have. Here’s a quick rundown…

John K. again? This is just getting silly…

G4’s Allison Haislip fiddling with my Japanese bubble wrap keychain. I bought the last one right as they were coming up to the booth to do a segment…they asked if they could borrow it.

Hats anyone?

Sergio Aragones signs my 40th anniversary convention book.

Tyrese Gibson loudly hawks his comic book Mayhem all weekend long…

True Blood folks…

More True Blood folks…

Darwyn Cooke, Catwoman, and Adam Hughes:

Transformers…More Than Meets the Eye?

Elvis Trooper:

Me w/Mike and Laura Allred…nice people!

Rob Guillory, artist of Chew.

Ryan Ottley, Robert Kirkman, and Todd McFarlane.


Bill Sienkiewicz.

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway is a nut:

One last stop at In N Out Burger…

More Con tomorrow???

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