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Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: The Goods

Being on a budget, I was not able to splurge on many crazy purchases this year. My one big project was to get the official 40th Anniversary HC San Diego Comic-Con book signed by as many people whose work I enjoy as possible. Here are the results of that adventure…

On […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day 4

This is it…Sunday…last day of San Diego Comic-Con International 2009! There were just a few things that I really wanted to accomplish, and a lot of wandering around that I wanted to do just to see what I might run into at the last minute. Here is a quick recap of how my Comic-Con experience […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day 3

Saturday was a lot of running around, seeing as much as possible that I have been missing and standing in lines that I probably shouldn’t have. Here’s a quick rundown…

John K. again? This is just getting silly…

G4’s Allison Haislip fiddling with my Japanese bubble wrap keychain. I bought the last one right […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day 2

I spent most of Friday in Hall H…the giant hall that holds approximately 6,500 people. I mainly wanted to try to get in to see Hayao Miyazaki who was making a rare U.S. appearance to promote his movie Ponyo, but once I spent about an hour and a half in line to get in and […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day 1

So, today (Thursday) is actually the first full day of Comic-Con…here are the photos:

District 9 advertisement:

Honky Tonk Man & a Bushwacker:

The Prisoner…a show coming this November:

They stole my identity at the Prisoner booth and gave me this card…I blacked out all of the info…don’t want any of […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day 0

Interrupting the regularly scheduled guide to bring you photo updates of what has been happening while actually doing Comic-Con on the cheap. Tonight was Preview Night…just a few hours of picking up passes and running around the Convention Hall floor trying to get oriented and accomplish a few things. I do not have much time […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day -1

The day before leaving for San Diego is important. Last minute details need to be arranged…more than with just a typical vacation. Things to remember to pack:

• Backpack – You will get free bags at many booths, but a backpack is best for hands-free exploring. • Poster tube – Even if you do not […]

Doing Comic-Con on the cheap: Day -2

My first year at San Diego Comic-Con International was 2003. I have attended each year since then except for 2006 when we were having some extreme financial difficulties and travel of any sort was completely out of the question. This year, if we had not purchased my plane ticket prior to cat health problems, a […]