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Christmas Cookies

We’ve been trying some new cookie recipes for Christmas time. Becky tried a sugar cookie recipe and I tried one also…neither was quite right. I also decided to make some of my mom’s sugar cookies, but for some reason I couldn’t even get those to turn out right. I just tried making a “cocoa fudge” […]

Kitty Christmas 2008

Becky saw a photo on one of the websites she reads yesterday of some poor cats having their picture taken with Santa. Of course, when she showed it to me, I thought it sounded like a fantastic thing to do with our precious little monsters! She looked up the PetsMart website and today was the […]

Is Christmas here yet?

Big Kitty is waiting impatiently for Santa to arrive. He keeps crawling under the tree, through all of the presents, and pops out the other side to peek out the window: Not too many days of waiting left, buddy! Ho ho ho!

1st Snow

I guess winter is officially here: It was about 80 degrees around noon today and tonight it snows…crazy Texas winter.

Good steak

What could be better than a good steak? Becky sure knows how to make one! Done just right, with a good salsa verde topping. A crusty bread and some homemade breadcrumb topped mac & cheese on the side…mmmm. Ok, I think I’m done now.


Why I hate everyone (well, not you)

Most likely nothing that I write here is going to be news. It’s all the same crap that has been on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. for the last weeks and months. But it’s irritating and it seems like every few weeks someone new comes looking for their piece of the pie and manages to […]